My problem is a roof water leak. We have a 1991, 32 ft Winnebago. It has a one piece roof and I have caulked the front seam (it is about a half an inch thick) and the awning seam but still the leak persists. It comes in the front above the dash into the cabinets and into the cabinet behind the passenger seat. Can you help?


It appears the seams you are talking about are the front cap seam and the side roof seam. The only way to do a correct repair is to remove the moldings at these seams (at least one-half of it at the front) and six feet on the side molding. You probably find the caulk beneath the moldings has dried and cracked. The source of your water leak is most likely somewhere at these seams. (I'm assuming your roof is good) Next, you have to remove the roof material and some of the siding (just pull it back) and look for evidence of water ever being there. If this has been going on for any length of time you also have to be concerned about dry rot. Projects such as these can escalate. You want to determine the extent of any possible damage, remove it, rebuild it and then reassemble everything. Sometimes this is best left to the professionals as it must be put back together correctly, resealed, the molding reattached correctly so that the water leak is a thing of the past.

Hope this helps and good luck with it.

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