A few years ago everything seemed to be going so well back in Iowa working for an electrical manufacturer, Square D company, when BAM...I learned my job was going to Mexico. After the shock wore off my wife, Sandy and I had to face the future. Although we're in our 50's we were in no position to think about retirement. Through a slow evolutionary process we were led to RV'ing.

As our family grew up we were fortunate enough to be able to vacation in the west usually in our fold down camper. Unfortunately for us our son and daughter headed west as soon as they were able to. Both of our children live in the Denver area. So after I got laid off there wasn't any reason to stay in Iowa.

I (Ray) decided to go into RV repair and earned my factory certifications from the Camping World RV Institute in Bowling Green,Kentucky.

Since then I've worked in Reno, NV, Durango, CO, Yuma, AZ, Loveland, Co, Seattle area. As you can see we have been going were the weather is nice each season.

I now have a mobile repair service. I work in Yuma, Arizona in the winter months but have worked at different areas in the summer. Although, last summer we worked in Buena Vista, Colorado and plan to go back there this summer.

The purpose of our website is to make available to all RV'ers technical and "how to" information unavailable anywhere else in order to make your RV'ing experience as pleasurable and as economical as possible. To that end I hope we can help you out.

We also sell RV slide out awnings. Early in my career Rv'ers made it clear to me that OEM RV slide out fabric left much to be desired. In time I found the fabric and the man to put it together and we went national. If there is a better fabric around I am still looking for it. Besides this fabric has stood the test of time. What more could you ask for?

We are a grass roots company, nothing fancy. We custom make each awning to your specifications. Since we do custom make each one it normally takes 5-7 business days to do an order depending on how busy we are. We, however, work with our customers that might have a time cons trait.

Customer service is the cornerstone of Tough Top Awnings, that is why my cell phone number is on our sales page to answer any questions or concerns you might have. We provide you with installation instructions, provide tracking numbers and delivery dates as soon as we can.

Happy RV'ing! Ray and Sandy Oberreuter

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