Golf Cart Batteries/Deep Cycle Batteries


I have a 5th wheel and have told I could get longer battery time if I stall 2 golf cart batteries instead of 2 deep cycle batteries. Do you have any advice?


First, golf cart batteries are deep cycle batteries. Six-volt deep cycle batteries are usually referred to as golf cart batteries. They are the most expensive and the best because of their thicker plate construction, which gives them more amp hour capacity and lifetime recharge cycles.

I always advise RV’ers to use true deep cycle batteries. You will see a lot of RV/Marine batteries because they are cheap but they are not a true deep cycle batteries but rather a cross between a deep cycle battery and a starting battery. Internally they have “thinner” plates. For RV’ing your money is best spent on a true deep cycle battery as it will give you better amp hour capacity as well as extended battery life.

For whatever reason deep cycle batteries have a reputation of requiring little care or maintenance, which in reality is a fallacy. Yes, they will endure negligent treatment…but not without a cost. Simply put deep cycle batteries should never be allowed to totally discharge. For any downtime over 3 weeks these batteries should be put on some type of “maintenance” (trickle charger) while monitoring the electrolyte level until they are put back into service.

This will not only double and triple the life of the battery but also drastically reduce the chances of battery failure. Most people don’t do this and their batteries fail, they replace them and start the cycle over again.

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