Green RVing


We all have a responsibility to preserve our environment. If you are a vacation camper or a full-timer, we need to protect our park, mountains and streams – our outdoors.

So here are some tips to follow :

  • Drive the speed limit. Fuel consumption goes way up when you hit 60 mph.

  • Keep your engine well tuned to save on gas and reduce emissions.

  • Keep your RV on roads where it is designed to go and use marked RV campsites.

  • Use nontoxic and biodegradable cleaning supplies and tank additives.

  • Observe fire rules. Don’t put anything in the fire pit that will not burn like metals and plastic.

  • Use solar energy when possible.

  • Keep a full jug of water nearby when using fire pits.

  • Bury animal waste or dispose of according to campground rules.

  • Recycle products.

  • Wash air-conditioning filters instead of buying new ones each time.

  • In hot weather try to use natural shade and awning. In cold weather park where your RV will be protected from the west and north winds.

  • Dispose of trash properly.

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