I have a motor home with two furnaces, neither of which are working right now. My stove and water heater both work so gas system seems fine. However, the front furnace won’t even light and the rear furnace lights but won’t stay lit. What can I do to check out my furnaces? Any help will be most appreciated. Thanks!


Gas and gas pressure “appear” to be ok since your other RV appliances are working correctly. However, you need verify that you have good DC voltage (at least 10.5 volts) at your motor home furnaces or they will not work properly. Are your battery terminals and battery cables clean and secure? If not, insure they are. Next, if you can, take voltage readings at your furnaces. Remove, clean, and reassemble all electrical connections that you can get to at your furnaces. Then try your furnaces again. It appears the gas valve is not opening on your front furnace.

Rear Motor Home Furnace Not Staying Lit:

Do as outlined above. The cleaning and reassembling procedure should insure that all electrical connections are good. The symptom here points to the circuit board not getting message that ignition has taken place. If voltage is good and connections good and furnaces still don’t work, we’ll have to go further to figure this out. This will get you started and if you have, any other questions let me know. Good luck!

Questioners Reply: Thanks a bunch. The main furnace had a terribly corroded plug that connected to the circuit board. Cured and works awesome. Thank You.

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