RV security is something we learned the hard way.

Our fifth-wheel was broken into when we were baby-sitting some property in Bayfield, Washington. The property was in the country although there were other houses around. Now if you have been to Washington there is one thing they have plenty of – trees. Therefore, we could not actually see those other houses.

We had lived there about four months before we were broken into. My husband and I both worked while we were there. I worked part-time mornings. One day when I came home, I stopped to unlock the gate and I saw our cat running around. I knew immediately something was wrong because I always lock him in the fifth-wheel when I leave.

I then saw that one of our storage compartments was open. Needless to say, I did not unlock the gate and go in. I called my husband and 911. Three sheriff cars arrived shortly and went to investigate. Of course, the fifth-wheel had been broken into and it was a mess! Everything they could take was gone – computer, stereo and speakers (right out of the cabinet wall), cameras, gun, jewelry, personal information, checks and even personal items like cologne and a basket my daughter had given me many years ago. We kept finding more as time when on too.

We had to deal with closing our bank account and then bad checks because these people were writing checks all over. Even when we moved to AZ, we were getting them.

Of course, nothing was recovered and we found out that other placed had been broken into around that area, one right down the road.

Even worse then losing your things is the fact that someone was in your home. You feel violated and it takes awhile for that feeling to go away.

So think about what you need to do to protect the things in your RV.

When traveling beware of mall parking lots, rest stops (do not stay overnight in one) and even gas stations, ATM machines and convenience stores. Places thieves like to hit.

Lock you RV always (of course, ours was locked). If parked at a Wal-Mart park well lit area with door facing the store. If someone knocks on your door, find who it is before your open your door. Close blinds.

Try staying at truck stops for the night awhile noisy they are safer than rest stops. The best place to stay is in private or public campgrounds with some security are provided.

Still do the following

  • be aware
  • be alert
  • do not leave expensive equipment outside unsecured
  • keep valuables inside out of sight
  • So what else should you do to protect your RV and valuables?

  • Look at the lock on your RV door – some are very easy to get open – get a deadbolt.
  • Window and door alarm units – loud siren goes off.
  • Put label in window saying you have an alarm system.
  • RV security alarm system
  • There are different kinds of security alarm systems. There are wireless ones that install a wireless device with a screw that hold them in place and they use batteries. You can actually get a security system build with a virtual fence around your parked RV. You can get systems that sent instant messages to you (even cell phone) or a control station.

    So take some precautions and be safe but still have fun rving!

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