Slide Out Awning Replacement Instructions

(Best to do with two people)

I.Unroll old awning fabric

With the slide room extended, unroll fabric by turning roller tube. This is easiest accomplished with one person at each end of roller tube as you are unrolling against the spring tension of the roller tube. It helps to have a towel to keep your hands dry if there is moisture on the fabric as you unroll it off the awning roller tube.

II. Pin the awning roller tube

The objective is to get the fabric totally unrolled and the bead attachment channel (where the fabric is attached to the roller tube) in a position that is easiest to work with. (approximately 12 to l o’clock) When it is in this position locate the hole in the main shaft of roller tube by looking through the slots in the end caps of the roller tube and “pin” or “lock” the roller tube by inserting something such as a cotter pin, long thin nail, small awl, etc. into the hole in the main shaft.(This hole is always positioned horizontally on A&E awnings)
Remove the anti bellowing device if so equiped. (This is a collar attached on one or the other end of the roller tube to keep the awning from unraveling while in transit.) Now you are ready to remove the old awning fabric.

Click here for picture.

III. Removing the old fabric

Inspect the awning rail on the RV for a screw at both ends of the awning fabric. Remove any screws and pull the old fabric out of the awning rail and the channel on the roller tube. It may take some extra effort to initially “free” the old fabric but should pull off relatively easy.

IV. Install new fabric

Inspect opening end of awning rail on RV. Open the channel with a pair of needle nose pliers or a good size screw driver. Also, file top and bottom edges to remove any burrs and rough edges. This is critical, as it is an easy area to tear the new fabric as it is installed. Open the end of the channel on the roller tube by filing it so the new fabric will install easier. If the channels are dirty blowing them out will aid in the installation of the new material. Spray with silicone lubricant to help in the installation of the new material.

Install new fabric from either end-insuring top is up. The installer will be under the fabric installing the new fabric both on the RV and on the roller tube. While installing the new fabric keep the awning fabric as “horizontal” as possible as it is fed onto the awning rail and roller tube as it will slide on easier in this position. ( This part of the installation should be done “slow and easy” to insure the new fabric does not get torn. (A second person can be on The slide room taking up the slack but should not put much force on the fabric or they may pull the fabric on the awning rail too quickly and tear it. Patience is the key here. Center the fabric on the roller tube or place it where the old fabric was.

V. Test awning operation

Go back to roller tube; turn the roller tube to remove tension on the locking pin, remove the pin and allow roller tube to SLOWLY wind the new fabric onto the tube. Run the slide room in and out and observe if fabric needs to be moved in order for fabric to wind and unwind evenly onto the roller tube. Once this is accomplished install a screw into the awning rail on the RV at both ends to secure the awning fabric.

VI. Anti Bellowing Device

The anti bellowing device is a knob installed at one or the other end of the roller tube and is designed to engage a plate on the RV to keep the awning fabric from unraveling while going down the road. This knob should be approximately in the 1 o’clock position for slides on the drivers side of the RV and the 11 o’clock position for slides on the passenger side. The anti bellowing device will change position once our fabric is installed because it is heavier than A&E and Carefree's fabrics. With the slide fully retracted reposition the anti bellowing device either at the 11 o'clock or 1 o'clock position and reinstall. You can either redrill new holes or use metal self tapping screws to reinstall.

This video is by one of our customers and is an alternative way of doing the install

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