Just a note, when someone asks about how tough the canvas really is on the slideout covers.  Caught the edge of a tornado coming out to South Padre Island, Texas. 60+ winds plus my speed, guess 100 MPH across the slideouts.  My big slideout cover lock let loose, and that canvas cover blew up like a parachute. Could not stop, I am in the middle of the causeway, so had to wait till the other side.  Stopped, cover rolled up and no fraying, no cracks, not tears.  This material is head and shoulders above that crap that came new on the motorhome.

I'm overjoyed with your awning fabric and how easy they were to install.  My wife and I are 67 years old so we need good weather (warm) to install the fabric.  When the weather got warmer we did both slides in about two hours.  Of course there were some choice words expressed in the removing of the old fabric, but we got it done per your directions.  Liking the awning fabric a lot.  Again, MANY THANKS.
John & Carol

Thanks so much for the extraordinary service. You run a first class operation. You are so eager to help your customers from purchase to installation. I wish all businesses operated in sucha caring fashion. Thanks again. J.G. - PA

Just wanted to say how nice the new awning fits, looks and operates.  Very nice job guys.  The instructions are clear, concise and accurate.  It was so easy to do.  I would be happy to say order from tough top awnings to anyone looking to replace the old ones on the rv.  My other is soon due and I will order from you again. A satisfied customer. D.N.

Just wanted to add another positive review to your web sight!  the replacement slide toppers were a lot better quality that the original toppers were.  My husband and father had them both installed in a little over one hour.  We are very pleased and will highly recommend them to all our RV friends! Thanks   C.V.

Ray, I just wanted to let you know that my son and I installed all three awnings in less than three hours!!  It was actually took longer to get the old (damaged) one off than it took to put the new one on.  The other two were a snap.  The installation instructions were perfect.  I will make sure I let everyone know about your company.  I was also amazed at how much heavier your material felt than the factory originals.Thanks again. G.F.- CA
Your reply is certainly in keeping with your service delivery...thoughtful and kind as well.  I would be delighted if my comments would benefit you in any way.  Service is , as you say, becoming a lost part of doing business...I believe because we as a country have departed from our religious heritage.  I am always happy and earger to recommend to others those whose business model and practices are excellent and yours is excellent.  I wish you and Sandy success. A.D. - NC

Perfect fit and great quality.  Thank you...they were a breeze to install and they look awesome.  S.A.---CA

I put the new awnings on. It was a snap. Your directions were very easy and complete. The awnings look great. Thanks again. M.A.---MASS

Got the awning as promised and got around to installing it yesterday. Once I remembered to adjust the position of the anti-bellowing device it was a perfect fit. Installation was dead simple. Thanks for the awning...it looks to be a superior product compared to the OEM that was installed. J.J.---FL.

The awnings look awesome. I have already put them on and they work great. Thanks alot. Will recommend to everyone. W.H.---S.C.


I just got my awning put on my slide out and to tell you, it was really nice and fit well.  I was very impressed with the quality of fabric used, quality of crafsmanship... I appreciate quality craftsmanship and this is proof of just that.  AG   Michigan

We received the sldieout covers about 4 PM and my husband and I installed them within an hour.  Thank you to you and Sandy for making sure these got us us in time; they make the motorhome look sooooo much better and fit great.   MS      Ohio

It came today.  Thank you for doing what you said you would do.  It’s refreshing in today’s world. Thanks again and have a great day.----  G.F.    Texas

Thanks for the quick reply, Ray.  I had ordered some from a local dealer weeks ago and had contacted them a week after the order was suppose to be here and since I have not heard a word.  I am happy I have found you because of the better fabric in your product.  Thanks again.----  T.S.  Washington

Just wanted to let you know that the awning looks good and went on great. Thanks! ---- S.B.     Tennessee

Received the awning and have it installed.  Fits perfectly!  Nice doing business with you.----
G.H.        Colorado

I want to thank you for a good product.  The awning topper you made for me fit perfectly.  Your directions were simple to follow.  Thanks again. ----  D.P.       Arizona

Thanks Ray, I just sent in the order.  Thanks for the personal contact.  Business the old fashion way. ---- B.B.       California

Ray thanks a million.  You are a man of your word.  I’ll mention the service to all my friends.   ----- L.L.         Florida

Ray, I just received the awning and want to compliment you on running an efficient business.  Thanks. ---- Ed.

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