Do you need tips on buying a RV or used RV? Is a used motor home, travel trailer, or 5th wheel in your future? Too often emotion takes over once the decision is made that you're going to get one of those "babies". I'm excited too because that means someday , sooner rather than later, I, or another rv technician will be working on it. Why shouldn't I be excited? Before the deal is consummated I must impress upon anyone about to make such a purchase to treat it seriously.

In most cases it will be a major purchase which could turn out to be a major "catastrophe" if the necessary homework is not done, something neither of us desire.

My only wish is to see all rv owners happy with their travel trailer, 5th wheels, and motor homes. Thus the reason for these tips.

In other words...get the emotion out of it.

Quit visualizing yourself at your favorite recreation site in this or that rig. First you need to be very clear (especially for motor homes and large pull rigs)is that you can even get it there.

The #1 problem with recreational vehicles is that of being over weight.

This is particularly acute for used motor homes , especially class C's, the older the more careful you need to be. Too often used motorhomes have worn out engines, transmissions, suspension systems, and tires, all largely due to being over weight.

RULE # 2: There is no shortage of used RV's on the market

There's no reason to make a quick decision for that "deal of a lifetime" because in less than a week you can find another "deal of a lifetime".

Remember, " you're in the drivers seat". And rule # 2 should immediately lead you to the obvious question.

Why are there so many used RV's on the market?

Remember each and every one of those used RV's was purchased with the same energy and excitement (and too much emotion) that you're experiencing right now. Of course some people have legitimate reasons for making a change but there are just as many who are selling, trading, or dumping their RV because in some way their purchase was a mistake. Getting to this truth can be difficult to impossible.

A rv tech who is a friend of mine recently remarked that most of his customers were not happy with their rv's. That should tell all of us something.

Don't even consider buying until you have proof positive of the rigs weight.

Then compare this to the manufacturers GVWR(Gross vehicle weight rating). This is the total weight capacity of the chassis You should be aware that most manufacturers are far too lax in this category. Technically and legally they're off the hook as long as the rig leaves the factory under the GVWR.

Technically and legally you, the driver, are responsible and liable if you're overweight and this is ealily done once you're loaded with your family, cargo, fuel, full fresh water tank, full LP tanks, etc. etc.

Weight then is critical. Overweight motor homes end up with bad engines and transmissions, stressed out suspension systems, and brake systems incapable of stopping in safe distances. Any life is more important than taking chances in any of these areas.

This report only scratches the surface on the many considerations is purchasing a used rv. The deal cannot go through until 5 elements are scrutinized in detail, and they are. Chassis, chassis, chassis, chassis, chassis!!! That will be the subject of our next report.

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